General Notices

Guest Card Renewals:
All guest cards expire one year after activation. Please renew guest cards at the Administration office in the Clubhouse between 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Renewal fee is $50.00 for one (1) year. Your guest does not need you to accompany them to the office but we do need approval from the property owner/tenant for the guest. Any questions, contact the Administration office at 268-1141, ext. 2000.

Parking Decals:
Parking decals for member vehicles without a bar code are available at the Administration office for a $15.00 fee. This decal allows member vehicles not displaying a bar code to park in "member only" restricted areas at parks and beaches.

Resident Directory: Important Notice
Updating your member information on the website directory does not alter a member's address of record for official Association mailings and notices required by law, and does not update the printed phone directory. To update your address of record and/or phone directory, you must contact LOP Administration at 268-1141, ext. 2000.   

Online Guest Registration:
To locate this feature, sign in to using your login and password and click on the "Guest Entry" link to navigate to the registration form.

The Association requires that all guests be registered with Public Safety when entering Lake of the Pines. To avoid delays at the gate and any inconveniences please complete the online registration form at least 24 hours before your guest is scheduled to arrive. If you are within this time frame, please call the gate at (530) 268-1135 instead of using the online registration feature.


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