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Lakes and Ponds

Within the Lake of the Pines Community, four lakes and ponds support a variety of recreational, aesthetic and educational uses by members. Nearly 15-percent (292) of home sites have direct waterfront access to either the main lake (232-acres), Hazel Lake (four-acres) or Huck Finn Pond (three-acres). The remaining home sites have lake and pond access through seven-parks with five-beaches, a main beach, a boat launch ramp, other common areas and a marina with 148 boat slips. The Entrance Pond (0.5-acre) sets a scenic tone for LOP.

The four lakes were created by dams and are technically reservoirs. At 1,500-feet elevation, summer water temperatures exceed 75F and the waters support warmwater game fish populations including largemouth and smallmouth bass, redear and bluegill sunfish, black crappie and catfish. Wildlife such as river otters, muskrats, snakes, turtles and eagles rely on the waterways. Large numbers of waterfowl and other water-associated birds use the lakes and ponds. Recreational uses include: swimming, fishing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking / canoeing, sailing, sailboarding, cruising and pontoon boating.

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